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Advanced aesthetics is becoming increasingly popular and Pressotherapy is an aesthetic treatment technique that has gained great prominence in recent years.

The technique involves the use of a machine that applies negative pressure to certain parts of the body, with the aim of improving blood and lymph circulation, reducing cellulite, promoting the elimination of toxins and fluid retention, as well as providing relaxation.

What is Pressotherapy and how does it work?

Pressotherapy is performed through a device that inflates and deflates air bags placed in different parts of the body, creating pressure that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation – lymphatic drainage.

3-in-1 Pressotherapy

The technique can also include the use of infrared and electrostimulation, providing a combination of three treatments in a single device.

Results of Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy results can be noticed in the first session, but to obtain longer lasting results, it is recommended to undergo several sessions, depending on each patient’s individual needs.

Before and after treatment, it is important to drink plenty of water to aid in the elimination of toxins.

Benefits anda side effects of Pressotherapy

It is possible to purchase a Pressotherapy device for home use, but it is important to be aware of the contraindications and possible benefits and harms of the technique. Among the contraindications are cases of hypertension, thrombosis, heart disease, among others. It is always important to consult a professional before starting any aesthetic treatment.

Procedures of Pressotherapy

In addition, it is important to know how many times a week Pressotherapy is recommended, usually two to three sessions per week, with an average duration of 30 minutes each.

Opinions of Pressotherapy

Opinions about Pressotherapy are diverse, but most people who undergo the treatment report benefits such as reduction in measurements, improvement in cellulite, and relaxation.


In summary, Pressotherapy is an aesthetic treatment technique that uses negative pressure to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce cellulite and promote the elimination of toxins.

Cost of Pressotherapy

The price of Pressotherapy can vary widely, depending on the type of device, the functionalities offered and above all the quality of the equipment and accessories.

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