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infrared thermal blanket 2 Zones

infrared thermal blanket 2 Zones


Infrared thermal blanket 2 zones – Excellent for detoxification, weight loss, or general health and relaxation.

The infrared thermal blanket 2 Zones is a device for beauty and sauna spaces, with infrared, ultra-portable, and suitable for health and beauty purposes, intended for professional or leisure use.

It is equipped with 2 completely autonomous zones, allowing even more segmented control.

The infrared thermal blanket, with this latest 2-way machine from 4Skin, provides incredible benefits.

This equipment uses far infrared light (FIR), which is considered the light of life for its importance in growth and nature.

About 81% of sunlight falls within this spectrum of light.


Infrared thermal blanket with 2 zones, what is it and what is it for?

But after all, what is a sweating or infrared thermal blanket? It is an aesthetic equipment that emits localized heat (thermotherapy) to the body, to promote sweating and stimulate blood circulation.

This technique aims to improve the appearance of the skin, reduce measurements, and combat cellulite.


Use of thermotherapy

The use of thermotherapy equipment has excellent results in detoxification, weight loss, health, and general relaxation.

It is essential in any beauty space that aims to achieve advanced results in its treatments – suitable for health and beauty purposes for professional or leisure use.



The infrared thermal blanket 2 zones from 4Skin, in addition to being very simple and safe to operate, has several characteristics and beneficial functions for human health, such as increasing efficiency, sterilizing, increasing antibodies, relieving muscle tension, and improving blood circulation, among others.

The advanced thermal heating system with integrated carbon fiber technology produces FIR at the most beneficial frequencies for human health, and the precise digital control of time and temperature of the session allows for a comfortable and relaxing experience.

The infrared thermal blanket 2 zones from 4Skin has an automatic battery protection system, as well as four overheating protection devices in the blanket and two in the controller box to maintain safety.

It is a CE-certified, very safe, and effective device, and is ideal for use in a spa or at home.

Its results in detoxification, weight loss, and general relaxation are excellent, making it an interesting option for those who seek to care for their health and beauty practically and comfortably.

What is a Far infrared ray (FIR)?

FIR has deeper penetration powers than other heat sources, reaching depths of 4-5 cm within the body in a short period.

When using the thermal sauna blanket, the head and brain are not heated, allowing for sweating without overheating the body’s core temperature.

The normal resonant frequency absorption for the human body is from 4 to 14um, and the frequency wave band called Far Infrared Wave can penetrate the human body from 2 to 3um, improving body circulation and increasing body temperature.

As 65-70% of the human body is composed of water, the active resonant frequency of water is about 8-10um, which is maintained by products designed to maintain a temperature between 30-70°C.

FIR can not only heal but also be used for preservation, cooking, drying, and heating, making it a healthier technology than harmful microwave technology.

FIR treatment can remove accumulated toxins that block the body’s blood circulation, aiding digestion and relieving constipation and muscle tension.


Benefits and contraindications

The benefits of this technique are numerous.

In addition to aiding in the weight loss process, the infrared thermal blanket 2 zones are also indicated for improving skin texture, reducing sagging, eliminating toxins, and treating cellulite.

This device can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures to enhance results.

However, it is important to note that the two-way infrared thermal blanket is not suitable for everyone.

Contraindications include pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney problems, among others.

Before starting to use the infrared thermal blanket 2 zones, it is important to consult a specialized aesthetician who will evaluate your physical condition and recommend the best treatment for your case.



The price of the infrared thermal blanket may vary according to the quality, brand, and model of the device.

But considering the benefits it provides, the cost-benefit ratio is excellent.


Opinions about this machine

And the best part is that the 4Skin infrared thermal blanket 2 zones works.

Aesthetic professionals unanimously state that results are visible after the first sessions and can be even more significant when combined with healthy habits such as balanced nutrition and regular physical activity.



At 4Skin, you can find the best option to buy your infrared thermal blanket in 2 zones, as well as receive advice from advanced aesthetic specialists.

Invest in the most suitable cosmetic treatment for your clients and achieve a quality image in the services provided.


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infrared thermal blanket 2 Zones