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Tesla Emsculpt 3000W


TESLA Emsculpt 4SKIN with 3000W of power.

4Skin’s Tesla Emsculpt 3000W electrostimulation equipment uses the latest EMS technology also known as EMSculpt for high-intensity muscle training with 2 handpieces and 3000W of power.

If you’re looking for advanced aesthetic equipment to differentiate your beauty center or clinic, the 4Skin´s Tesla emsculpt 3000W is a perfect choice.


How does the 4Skin’s emsculpt technology work?

Emsculpt equipment uses a safe and focused electromagnetic field with different intensities that penetrate the body and interact with motor neurons, triggering a series of muscle contractions.

It is designed to stimulate and continuously contract the muscle, which is ideal for deep muscle structure remodeling and strengthening.

With EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology, this device allows for fat-burning and muscle development without the need for intense physical exercise.


Tesla emsculpt 3000W 4Skin

Emsculpt technology is the leader in this field, and the 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W is one of the best machines available on the market.

With this technology, it is possible to train muscles in a more intense and focused way, obtaining remarkable results in a short period.

Due to its reduced size, it is ideal for smaller spaces and transportation (for example, for rental services or home services).

With its two (2) handpieces and 3,000W of power, it operates simultaneously with great intensity for non-invasive body contouring, achieving not only the effect of fat burning but also strengthening the muscles at the same time, which is the key to maintaining a toned and healthy physique.

The aesthetic and muscle recovery procedure of the 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W consists of a series of high-intensity muscle training, designed for different types of clients, thus achieving the best results for each case.

Thus, the TESLA equipment achieves in 15 days the results obtained in gyms in months.


4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W features and procedures

  • Excellent results for 2-4 procedures of 30 minutes = 20,000 exercise movements: achieves up to 16% increase in muscle mass and up to 21% reduction in fat;
  • Non-invasive treatment, without side effects, and painless;
  • High-intensity 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W (level 7): its handpiece covers large skeletal muscles and remodel their internal structure;
  • 2 electromagnetic manipulators: break down fat deposits and increase muscle tone and strength;
  • Works on 5 parts of the body: abdomen, arms, hips, hamstrings, and thighs;
  • Different programs and intensities allow for progressive training, which improves the feeling of physical well-being and achieves the real effects of exercise.


What are de 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W benefits and contraindications?

  • The benefits of this aesthetic device are numerous.
  • The 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W helps burn fat and develop muscles, resulting in an improvement in body appearance.
  • In addition, electrostimulation helps tone and firm the skin, improving its texture and reducing cellulite.
  • However, as with any aesthetic treatment, there are downsides to consider.
  • Although the 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W is a safe device, there are contraindications to consider, such as heart disease, epilepsy, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.


What are the results?

The before and after results of using the 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W are impressive.

With regular sessions, it is possible to obtain a significant improvement in body appearance, with greater muscle definition and a reduction in body fat.

Procedures are quick and effective, without pain or discomfort.

Reviews of this aesthetic machine are quite impressive.

Customers who have tried this device see a big difference in their body appearance, and most report feeling a general sense of well-being.



The price of the 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W is the most affordable when compared to other competing equipment.

It is an investment that is worth it for any beauty center or aesthetic clinic that aims to offer innovative and effective treatments to its clients.



If you’re looking to purchase an advanced beauty device, the 4Skin Tesla emsculpt 3000W is the ideal choice for you.

With proven results, effective procedures, and high customer satisfaction, it is one of the most popular and effective equipment available on the market.

Don’t miss the opportunity to offer your clients quality treatments with this cutting-edge device.



In summary, 4Skin devices are the best choice for those seeking effective and permanent results at the best price.

With sophisticated safety systems, advanced software, and superior material quality, they are the ideal choice for any aesthetic or spa space.


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