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Digital 3-in-1 Pressotherapy

Digital 3-in-1 Pressotherapy


Digital 3-in-1 Pressotherapy:  Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Infrared

The Digital 3-in-1 Pressotherapy 4Skin machine is a state-of-the-art beauty device that utilizes technology to provide users with a complete experience of weight loss, lymphatic drainage, and skin rejuvenation.



The most powerful 3-in-1 pressotherapy on the market, with 350W of power. The 4Skin Digital 3-in-1 Pressotherapy Machine uses very resistant and comfortable materials to provide the best experience for users.

It has 7 individual pieces, very comfortable and resistant. With 10 completely independent channels, it allows for more focused use on the areas that need attention, making it possible to work in groups or close off specific areas.

The latest software innovation, managed by an 8″ touch screen, not only allows for more efficient and safe management for the client but also guarantees the best results due to its simplicity.

The equipment is composed of three main functions: pressotherapy, infrared, and electrostimulation.


Lymphatic drainage

The 3-in-1 pressotherapy function is responsible for the drainage and reduction of venous and lymphatic edema, activating the return circulation and stimulating the reabsorption of interstitial fluids for drainage of these fluids to organic filters.

This technique helps reduce cellulite, and water retention and improves blood circulation.


Weight loss

The weight loss function is achieved through low-frequency electrical stimulation, which helps to contract muscles and break down fat cells. In addition, infrared rays penetrate directly into the cellular structure and generate a large amount of thermal energy, accelerating blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing metabolism, and reducing fat.



The beautification function is responsible for stimulating sensory nerves that end in the epidermis, allowing loose skin to regain its elasticity and firmness.

In addition, microelectricity works on the entire body, accelerating blood circulation and firming muscles.

Muscle tension relief and muscle relaxation are achieved due to the heat generated by infrared rays.



Muscle electrostimulation (MES) is a way of stimulating muscles using electrical impulses, generated and applied with electrodes on the skin near the muscles to be stimulated.

The electrodes usually adhere to the skin, and MES is a form of electrotherapy or muscle training/recovery.



Finally, thermotherapy is a valuable therapeutic tool in numerous traumatological and rheumatic processes, with one of its main immediate effects being pain relief.

Therapeutic heat can be applied by radiation, conduction, and convection, using various methods, from infrared radiation to wax applications.



In summary, the 4Skin Digital 3-in-1 Pressotherapy Machine is a complete and innovative machine that combines various beauty and therapy techniques into a single device.

With this machine, excellent results can be obtained in weight loss, lymphatic drainage, skin rejuvenation, pain relief, and muscle strengthening.


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Digital 3-in-1 Pressotherapy